All points of sale of jewelry in Pattaya can be divided into several groups.

The first is large shopping centers and respectable boutiques. Let’s face it: it’s expensive here. Prices in these stores are not much different from European ones, but this is guaranteed protection against fakes and low-quality products. For all purchases, the necessary documents and certificates are issued, which, for example, will help you avoid issues at the airport and at customs. With any excesses, the goods can always be returned, and, best of all, it is a guarantee for products, according to which the seller will repair and put in order the product that has lost its original gloss. current gold rate is 3,774.00.

Buying at the factory will cost much cheaper than that of retailers, in addition, good-natured owners almost always provide guests with good discounts from 10 to 20%. They say that if you take someone from the local population with him, he will be able to bargain for a larger amount. As far as this is true – we have not verified it is not known, in any case, the attempt is not tortured.

The next category of places where you can look in search of a pretty and inexpensive ring or bracelet is Thai shops and small shops. They are scattered throughout the city and there are more than a dozen of them on each street, so it makes no sense to indicate the points of their deployment.

The fact that the choice presented on their windows is in no way inferior to large shopping centers – no doubt, like the fact that in many such establishments they will try to cheat you by giving cheaper tourmaline, topaz or stained glass for a large ruby ​​or sapphire. Sometimes fakes (do not forget the recommendations for recognizing jewelry fakes ) are made so skillfully that even a specialist will not be able to recognize fraud on time. Although it is quite possible to stumble upon an honest merchant who conscientiously sells inexpensive and pretty gizmos, it’s true that in this case, you will have to forget about exclusivity – mainly mass-produced goods are sold in such stores. 22K gold rate is 3,774.00.

It is impossible not to say about Thai markets – floating, stationary, organized and spontaneous. The prices of jewelry speak for themselves – you can not expect either super-high quality or luxurious materials. Although among a huge number of cute trinkets it is quite possible to find several decent accessories. The probability of getting a cheap imitation under the guise of ruby ​​or pomegranate is extremely high, but low prices that attract tourists like a magnet often pay for the risk.

If you decide to try your luck, you can do it at the Thepprasit night market, located on the street of the same name or at the Pattaya Floating Market – an original sight in combination with low prices. In which market it is not essential to buy jewelry, in any case, expecting real jewelry masterpieces from them is pointless. Pattaya’s markets are more suitable for buying jewelry and accessories, which are really cheap here.

You have not had time to buy enough and do not rush to leave the beach in search of the coveted silver, gold, and sparkle of stones? Then they come to you – street vendors offering sapphires and topaz so cheap that it is simply impossible to refuse. Needless to say, in most cases, this is a banal deception and an attempt to cash in on human greed?

To summarize, buying jewelry in Pattaya, and indeed in Thailand, should be done only at reputable stores, and by no means should it be done.

Well, let’s move on to what kind of jewelry to buy in Thailand.

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